WIYQ 19: Kendrick at the CrossroadsListen now (89 min) | The nature of time. The duality of man. Hip Hop. Magic Cards. Make Believe. This episode has all that, and much more. Big things are on the horizon for the Epic of Dreams - our two year anniversary of the Basilisk Edition’s Kickstarter launch is this week…
WIYQ 18: HyperbeamListen now | THIS WEEK! Drew and Cam gear up for their first MTG Commander game in months, and the maiden voyage of Cameron’s Commander Jumpstart…
WIYQ 17: Large Luigi STRIKESListen now (76 min) | in the dead of night...
WIYQ 16: Spelljammer Kills TonyListen now (60 min) | Wow is all I can say
WIYQ 15: Everything Everywhere All At Once... and In & Out!Listen now (105 min) | Wow, that's a lot!
WIYQ 14: Muspelhell ManiaListen now (106 min) | A Good Mix of Each
WIYQ 13: The Rocker HeroListen now (84 min) | Now, For your EYES!
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